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As a member of our Cloud Solutions Department, you will contribute to software that is intuitive to use and needs little explanation to enable our customers' employees and managers to work with it. To achieve this, you will work towards results by taking short sprints with your compact Scrum team, consisting of various professionals, such as user experience designers, other designers, developers and testers, product owners and Scrum Masters.

Your challenge as an IT professional at Raet is to master the latest developments fast. Together with expert colleagues, you will design and develop the functionality users are waiting for. You are open to feedback from users and will translate that into software that is even more compatible with our customers' requirements.

Yan Rocubert Paredes - Software Engineer and Architect

“If you show commitment, effort and passion, then you get every opportunity to grow.”

Yan Rocubert Paredes is a Software Engineer and Architect in the Madrid office. He has been working at Raet since the start of the development activities in Madrid (early 2015). He gets the opportunity to combine his skills and passion to be an architect with the fun of developing new functionalities.

Yan’s story

When I started my career at Raet as a Software Developer, the Madrid office hadn't yet been opened. It was an exciting time, getting to know my new colleagues while delivering the initial improvements to the HR software with my scrum team.

We first made sure that the existing software was stable and steady. That gave us the foundation and safety-net to take our next ambitious step towards our dreams - taking on the challenge to improve and evolve our software and become the 'Champions League' partner of choice for our clients, that we know we can be.

Reaching my potential

I’m very passionate about my career at Raet and really get a lot of satisfaction from thinking of new ways to develop our software which helps our clients and our company move forward.

The management team, who are my mentors, saw my potential and helped me to grow and become a software architect. As an architect I get the opportunity to work across different teams, lead discussions and share technology guidelines. We have an enterprise architect that has an overview of all architecture that is going to be used on every product, driving all the teams to work in the same direction. I can learn from him as well and develop my architectural skills.

I also really appreciate the fact that I also get the chance to keep up with my development skills. We also have access to a lot of documentation and training options. We get certification courses, get time to learn from books and tools, like Safari online, MSDN subscriptions and much more. We are using cutting-edge technologies like the SPA paradigm, DDD, IoC, AOP and Azzure, always driven by Extreme programming and SOLID principles, to name but a few.

Commitment and passion

If you show commitment, effort and passion, then you get every opportunity to grow and your ideas will be listened to. For example, I made a proposals to change our approach immensely and sketched the path that we needed to take to become a 'Champions League' player in HR software - this is now a reality and I couldn't be happier.

It is important at Raet to involve your team if you want your ideas to be adopted and successful. If you’re open to learn from others, the whole team benefits. We see it all day and every day. As a team we find solutions to issues faster and they are better. The scrum methods help with structuring that, for us it’s a way of live. We’re open to ask each other questions and there’s always someone that will help you in the right direction.

My colleagues have become my friends. We play sports together, go out and have fun, drink a few beers… This of course makes a huge difference in keeping the energy and synergy in the team.

Message for a new colleague

You have to have the drive and ambition to be on top of the world. Only then we can accomplish together the 'Champions League' standards we are striving for. As a result we're always searching for talented people to join our team. If that’s appealing to you, you’ll be extremely happy at Raet.