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We are pioneers in safety, connectivity, and efficiency systems for the motor and mobility sectors

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About Ficosa

We are a global company devoted to the creation of advanced technology vision, safety, connectivity and efficiency systems for the motor and mobility sectors. At Ficosa we are focused on leading automotive transformation in terms of safety, communication and efficiency to contribute globally to creating a better, safer and more sustainable future for everyone through innovation in the motor industry. In addition, we strongly support R+D, dedicating around 6.5% of our income to this.

Innovation, efficiency, technology… for many reasons we are a leading company in the market, but there is one thing that makes us unique: our team. We currently have over 10,500 employees in 19 countries around the world, separated by thousands of kilometres but united by a shared project: leading the motor, mobility and new technology sectors.

About Ficosa

Our team is our main priority so not only have we implemented internal policies and programmes for training, international mobility and a healthy working environment, but we also support operational excellence, personal development and social dialogue.

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About Viladecavalls


The Technology Centre in Viladecavalls (Barcelona) is home to the R+D centre for the whole Ficosa group, employing 750 of the +1,000 engineers who work for the company around the world. This centre is a benchmark in electronics and technology excellence and their activity is focused on the vision, safety, connectivity and efficiency areas.

As the global driving force for our corporate research, it collaborates with the different development centres Ficosa has around the world and which are based near our main customers (Detroit, Germany, France, China, etc.)

The Technology Centre in Viladecavalls is also the technological hub for vision, connectivity, e-mobility and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) systems for the alliance Ficosa – Panasonic.