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Hablar con Maria Ramia, el consultor especializado que gestiona este candidato, situado en 41018 Sevilla

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tTeléfono:+34 954 98 77 38
ffax:+34 954 98 88 34
Edif. Forum. Avda. Luis de Morales, 32 - 4ª, Módulos 5 y 7. , 41018 Sevilla, Spain

HR Manager


Tipo de Contrato
Descripción salarial
50.000 € bruto/año
  • Solicitud de Información for HR Manager

• MD Law + MASTER Occupational Hazard Prevention
• English : fluent +French: medium
• Background within industrial framework, creating HR department from the beginning, implementing & creating policies & procedures regarding the different hr areas
• He/She started her career within a familiar Company where he/she had to create the whole HR department. 150-200 pax. Defining, implementing and improving hr procedures & policies. Regarding labour area: labour legal advice; regarding development: communication & specific development plan linked with salary policies.
After 7 years he/she left the Company because of changes on Directors´Board.

He/she was contacted to join a public services company as a General & HR Manager. There she was in charge of being in touch with the Main Board, setting strategic goals and also managing HR area. Regarding labour area, she managed collective agreement discussion in a mixed of public and private representation board.

With the mixture of government change & personal issues he/she decided to quit and went back to where he/she was born . After that he/she started as a HR Consultant for a year until a client of her requested her to join/lead its HR Team.

There he/she spent 2-3 years as Head of International Mobility Department, focused on development of managing member who were expat. xxxwas bought, and that acquisition implied that he/she was losing that development manager role and focusing her days on labour and tax issues. That´s why she decides to accept xxx project

In xxxx she created HR department from the beginning as she did before. As main role: unification of different parties policies in one, lead the Collective Agreement negotiation team. Legal treatment of different collective agreements as a result of takeovers and acquisition of new companies.
Some months ago she finished his stage in xxx because of an agreement with the CEO and the difference between the way of managing workforce from now on.

  • Solicitud de Información for HR Manager
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